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Now to the consternation of the deaf we arrive in the realm of sound. Timidly no. Here we dare present recordings of remarkable original works, we alight upon new vistas of experience, introduce to the planet innovations previously undreampt by the usual dreamers. It is not immodest to suppose that this pile of audio recordings will constitute nothing less than the greatest creative cache in the history of Terran treasures.

Already it begins. Ratcheting to your left you will note our historic maiden category porting you to works by stubbornly nonemergent artist and defiant individualist Apollo Peckersun, whose arduous gutteral emissions, rendered eight degrees out of time as time is generally accepted, in both style and substance imbue body to our coined term juxtachronic.

One need not understand to enjoy. One need not enjoy to understand.

Visit Tennessee Dave Steele in the folk hardtack dept. and reel in a few woes. Chuckle at quaint situations, chill at the disclosure of horrors.
Learn survival from the misfortune of The Major. Share a few groans of your own by contacting us at isubmit@provincialthought.com


In the musique exquisite category (left) find the debut of our official jpt theme music "Provincial Reflections" from C. Adam Smith, prodigious composer who through the ages has reserved himself to this world and time.

Tough life. Full of knocks.

[future feature]
Rants, musings, pronouncements and proclamations await tender ears in an unready galaxy.

Il futuro promette molto.